Are the Mods doing anything to stop this serial PUBG scammer?

I think at this point we all know that there is one person who is using the same trick to scam people buying PUBG items that don’t even exist on the market yet, e.g., “Waste Land” post.

He is using the same method and once his account is banned he just creates a new one, and unfortunately new buyers continue to fall into the trap of rating him first, which completes the transaction.

Is there anything that’s been done??

Also mentioned here:

they’ll just suspend them so they can make new scam accounts.

the scammers are helping gameflip generate a profit, which is why you don’t seem them taking all these similar threads seriously with barely any communication

report to BBB if you are disatisfied

That is unfortunately true since they generate a profit from each transaction. Sigh buyer beware I guess.

Ignore this doofus. This won’t do anything and Gameflip doesn’t have some secret agenda where they use scammers to profit. It’s laughable to suggest some sort of conspiracy theory where Gameflip wants these scammers to be here… pd02 is just frustrated that he fell for a basic send first scam while considering himself to be smart. Go through his post history to see just how clueless the guy is.

What more do you expect them to do than suspend the accounts? Maybe you’ll suggest the generic “ban IPs” solution or some other ineffective method?