Seller is DESPERATELY trying to pressure me into rating him in advance

Hi Gameflip, I purchased 2 Wholefoods gift cards yesterday and from the moment I purchased it, the seller has been desperately trying to get me to rate him right away. It felt suspicious, but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and explained to him that Gameflip allows buyers 3 days to use/inspect what they purchased to make sure everything is as described and working. He ignored that and continued to pressure me into rating him. I was at work so I gave him an estimate of when I could use it so he would have a peace of mind and stop spamming me, but he continued anyway. He also commented on my public listings trying to make it seem like I was ignoring him and should rate him. When I got to Wholefoods last night, the cashier said the cards had no balance on them. This was quite odd because I have purchased many Wholefoods gift cards on Gameflip before from other sellers and never had a problem. I stepped to the side and called the Wholefoods gift card balance checker number to confirm the balance on it. The checker told me the balance was $0 and the history of the card originated from 5 years ago (2012). Then it all made sense why this seller was so desperately trying to pressure me into rating him as soon as possible. I ended up paying with cash and ceased communication with this scammer. I will attach screenshots of our conversation in order messages. Please advise me on what to do from here.

My invite code is 8BZ1U3.

Now this person has created multiple accounts to harass and spam my listings. Please investigate this scammer and block their ip address.

Yeah, that looks like a scammer. I’m surprise he’s after an experience user/seller like you on here. I’m sure he’ll be suspended by Gameflip.

I am utterly disgusted by his/her behavior. Rarely do I ever encounter such an insecure, rude and erratic seller with NO CHILLS whatsoever. Hopefully this can be attended to soon. The wait time is so long that I am becoming more and more hesistant in making purchases. This isn’t just me, but also a general consensus of the community due to the spike in scammers and speed of moderation. I don’t mean to sound negative, but it does no one any favors to sugarcoat things. People like this don’t know any better. It is their misfortune in trying a scam like this on me.

Agreed, need to remove these from the community. With the recent spike in Gameflip, the delay is unfortunate, but I think they’ll adjust. It’s part of growing pain.

Hey @ModernRetro, I just refunded you and suspended this user account due to the behaviour and the items he is selling which are not allowed within our marketplace.

Thank you for reporting that.

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