Received a bad review but It was a mistake.

Hello! I Need help with a bad rating i got, the guy said that It was a mistake, so i’m here to Asl for your help, in this post i’ll provide the order Number and my invite code, i saw in another post that we need to provide those, thanks If you can help.
Order#: c5f8bdab-c488-45d9-9e79-e7b5ad28fac0
My code:F13U4J

If i Need to provide something more, please let me know, sorry If my post is a mess but i’m not used too much with forums :joy:

we shall await the great mod !

Blockquote Edit:
Order#: c5f8bdab-c488-45d9-9e79-e7b5ad28fac0
My code:F13U4J

That’s enough, wait for moderators reply.

Thanks, gonna wait for a mod reply.

In case the mod missed the post, i’m just gonna up It a little bit.

PM someone from moderators, suggestion is Dunn or Tali.
Send them your Invite Code, transaction ID and just ask them to remove the rating.

Hi there!
I removed this negative rating for you!

That’s awesome, can’t thank you enough guys, really :wink:
Thanks again!

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