Unfair rating removal

My code is: APCT5J

Need help with a unfair rating removal. Last night had a guy buy two things from me, i responded quick delivered quick but for some reason he gave me a red rating with a positive review. His other rating he gave me was green. Whether this was a mistake on his part or a mean move out of spite was hoping u guys can help me. Ill post pic and order number. Thank you.

Order #: dc4cf927-81bc-4127-a9cb-f4bc155fbeb8

If You haven’t done so already you should also open a ticket providing all this same formation and explanation.
(Sometimes support gets to it quicker them an admin on here)
Just depends how busy everybody is

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Hey Noxcy thank you for your reply. Yes I wasn’t sure who to write about this issue so I did do both actually. My ticket is still pending. This is first time something like this has happen to me, so I am still kind of new to how to seek help on this kind of issue. But I appreciate the info.

If he had left you a neutral saying that it would have been a little harder to remove it but since it’s a negative I have no doubt that the rating will be removed once somebody gets a chance to look into it.
Just keep in mind it could take up to 5 days or so for your ticket to be resolved (Support has been busier then usual lately)

no problem, glad I can help :grinning:

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Hello Warvex,

To get an unfair rating removal, it’s very easy. You have given your Invite Code and the Transaction ID. A moderator, such as @DarkKnight will contact you as soon as they can. If it is in your favor, they will remove it for you.

Thank you guys. Issue has been resolved. Appreciate the great help


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