i have a bad rate and want help remove it

i did receive this rate like when i was in my first days in gameflip and i didn’t know its possible to remove it if u contacted the support. as in the old days if u open a dispute and u loss it as buyer u and the seller can still rate each other so as the seller was mad i did open thee dispute he did gave me this bad rate witch is not fair and i wish to make my store full 0% bad rate as never had a bad rate from customer and were having over 600+ items sold and bought.

  • invite code : K39KGB


Ya I also got a unfair rating is there any way we both could get ours removed?

Both of you have to post your invite codes, and if you can the order i.d. from the bad rating. When a moderator sees this, @MajorTom @DarkKnight , they will help you further.

Hello baaziz0yassine,

After looking at the listing and comments, I have removed the negative rating.

@Fire_Gaming Can you tell me your invite code and listing ID?

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thank you soo much

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