Get a rating removed

So recently I gave someone a neutral rating because they didn’t confirm an order and I had to wait three days for payment. Well, they gave me one back and said they did confirm but I have a screenshot proving they didn’t. Is there any way to get this neutral rating removed? I just broke 3000 good ratings today sucks to have that one bad one

Order ID–4743154e-92e0-4fcf-b8f9-5018f2b12299

The moderators will need the Order ID if they can help you with this.

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A neutral does not count as a negative rating. It counts as a, well, neutral. It won’t affect your score as a negative would.

Also @DarkKnight @MajorTom Could you remove my neutral rating if possible, it was only due to a late delivery but I specified that I was offline before he bought.

Hello @Maddie_Davis!

I can see here that your issue was already solved :wink:

Have a great day!

Hey @Aurora!

Could you please provide me your invite code and inform the rating you want me to check?

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight It’s only a neutral rating so I’m not sure if you will be able to remove it, but my name had an offline tag when the buyer bought it. Invite Code: GXUY5M , The rating I’d like to get removed is a neutral rating by ‘vNyzap’ 5 months ago.

Hey @Aurora!

I can see here that the user added the following comment to the rating:

“Was really late on Delivery unlike it said 10 to 20 mins took 16 hours but was nice”

So in this case, since you added that you would deliver from 10 to 20 minutes on the “about” section of your profile 5 months ago, I do not agree on removing this neutral rating. This type of information should not be added to your profile, since Gameflip provides time options for delivery (Instantly, 1, 2 and 3 days). So by adding information like “10 to 20 minutes delivery”, you remove your right to deliver the item in 1 day.

Also, I can see here that you are now informing the following “1-3 Minute Delivery Guaranteed”. Be careful, if you receive another rating regarding to this, we will not remove the rating for you.

God Speed! :trident:


hehehe…i delivered item in 3 minutes . just i said pls complet transaction .gave me poor …6 ppl. now i am afraid to say pls complet …
there is nothing to do. we will accept these people

Even though ive delivered the item he bought in 2 minutes properly he gave me a feedback.I ve done all my best as you can see here but just because he wanted me to have a poor feedback he gave me one, all i see under this behaviour is jealousy, he probably couldnt stand that how succesful i am. I will give you the order id so you can check how fast i did deliver.Please help me about this.I didnt deserve tihs poor feedback absolutely so i want you to remove it.
my code LCVC2Z
PURCHASE ID:6c3438aa-4abe-4c16-b8db-61b028527ae2

Hi DarkKnight.
In a very short time .very good sales. i did.
this catches the attention of some traders.I have a very good customer portfolio.
Buyers are asking me how you have 6 bad feedback. i explain dat.2 scammers .2 cheaters gave me 2 bad feedback.and 3 rude guys.gave me poor feedback .cuz i said pls complet.just i said ty for your purchase pls complet transaction.
this is the last.a complete disaster.
I delivered the item in a very short time.he wrote on comment he gave me certif item.
I had 5 of the same item. certi. uncertif.that’s not his reason.he s lying.+
racist discourse.
It saddens me…on you tube
under your favorite can see 1k dislike.but. what i don’t think i deserve…
Due to bad feedback.don’t want to lose customer.Best regards. I believe you will do the right thing.God bless you

Maybe I’m just seeing this wrong, but on my screen I don’t see where it says that I would deliver in 10-20 minutes. Could you confirm this for me?

Hey @yakup_Akkus,

I can see that the rating for “6c3438aa-4abe-4c16-b8db-61b028527ae2” was already removed :wink:

Do you have anymore orders for me to check for you?

Hello @Aurora!

That information was added in the “about” section of your profile at the time.

I liked this information that you added: “Comment on a listing for a delivery time.”,

Way better! Have a good day! :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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Thank you very much for your concern and help. but there s still poor feed back.
this guy wanted extra items for complet transaction and for rating

blackmailed me i told him i ll report you. and he gave me poor feedback.

he bought 2 items

Hey @yakup_Akkus,

Checking for you right now :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

Hello @yakup_Akkus,

Next time, try to keep the conversion inside the Gameflip platform because this way it would be easier to help you out.

Do you still have the conversation of these transactions?

God Speed! :trident:

Hey @yakup_Akkus,

Issue resolved :wink:

Thanks for the info.

Have a wonderful day.

God Speed! :trident:

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The effort you make is admirable.
I observe this.
you are trying to help everyone.
May God help you.

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