Unfair Given Poor Rating

Hello there, I have a problem. A customer gave me poor rating even we completed a trade without a problem (also completed the delivery maximum in 10 minutes after he purchased).He got exactly right item which he bought and after that he also confirmed the order.But after that i noticed that he gave a poor rating and he wrote that he didnt get the item in his note.I got all screenshots while we doing trade with a success.That’s my profile Code “CRWSM8” . I created ticket about unfair poor rating, and my ticket number is “640220” But even 3 days passed noone replied yet . Can you check it if possible please? He gave me poor rating without any reason,this unfair poor rating affecting my sales a lot. I am very uncomfortable with this situation. Need your help. Thank you ! @DarkKnight, @MajorTom, @Sparkling_Juice

Also this is order id: e5746508-0c2c-4262-aaf4-d71e71d0bbf8

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You can DM them (MajorTom and DarkKnight) your ticket ID and information. I believe DM usually would get a reply faster. But do note that it might still take a day or a few days.

Usually it takes longer than 3 days. I can’t check that but DarkKnight and MajorTom can. I understand your situation but you will have to wait for a reply from support/them. I suggest that you send both a DM as well.

Hi, @DarkKnight @Sparkling_Juice

Can I get the following bad rating removed? I delivered item in 5 hours which unfortunately for him was to long even though it says “Deliver within 1 days” he also mentioned he will rate after 6 hours to annoy me and of course gives me a bad rating.


You will need to submit a request to Support first.

They no longer remove it via forums/live chat but can probably speed up if you DM DarkKnight with ticket ID.
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Hello @ZagorShop,

Sorry for the wait.

I can see that the Support Team answered you on Friday and is already verifying your case.

This they are already verifying, you will need to wait for their resolution ok. Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

Hey @GamingRacerHD!

As @Sparkling_Juice informed, please open a ticket following the information that is on the ‘How to get an unfair rating verified’ forum topic.

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Yeah I already created one yesterday, no response yet from it though.

Great, @GamingRacerHD!

Could you please provide me the ticket number?

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@DarkKnight Yeah support team answered me on Friday. I sent more proofs, and waiting reply

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