Need Help with Unreasonable Bad Review.

I’m writing here hoping to get a reply faster. I really hope people with 0 reviews need to verify everything before buying. I have gotten a few people with 0 reviews not know how to complete transaction, rude and trying to scam. People with reviews are usually not like that. This is the profile of the scammer. I can’t believe him. He made this bad rating after 7 days of purchase. He didn’t even reply me after I gave him the item. He simply ignored me and waited for transaction to complete after 3 days. That is fine but he rated me bad after 7 days and wrote ‘didn’t know there was a fee sksjskxjzsksjskxjzusjsjsjsndsjsksjdjdjjdjs’. Seriously? It is obvious that he is a troll. He got my item and ignored me and did nothing and suddenly after a few days appeared leave a bad review and saying it was free? He was shocked to see he got charged by the item he bought? My profile - Please Help.

I have sent an email to support with proof that I have given the item + he said thanks after I delivered then he ignored me all the way after I replied.
I do not want a bad review just because of a troller.
I gave him the item within 20 Minutes of purchase.

Order ID - 6ce14328-b725-497a-9c6c-3e1f0a8d90a4
Invite code - YR7RA9
Ticket ID - 399827

Same happened stuff can delete that easily.

My ticket got marked as ‘solved’ when nothing has been done? Help please. There is no reply too. Wow really… I just want to remove the bad rating by a troller and it was closed within 4 minutes and NOTHING happened with no reply. Did they really just close it without even seeing what I wrote and show as proof?

Wait more couple hours to update.


As I just checked you created a report, not a ticket. To create a ticket to the support team, you may create it here:

Regarding your issue, after ionvestigating, I could delete the rating.

Thank you.

By the way he said “fee”, not “free”.

I think he was upset that he paid a fee to Gameflip on top of the actual listing price, which is still unfair to you as it is something that wasn’t your fault to get a negative rating.

It’s exactly like some people on Amazon that rate a product poorly and damage the overall reviews for it due to an issue they had with the seller. In that case, they should rate the seller poorly, not the product itself.

People should think and use common sense sometimes :slight_smile:

Thank You!

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