Not Fair Bad Review

So I am selling gift cards and a customer bought my item, probably joined Gameflip recently and this was his first purchase. He bought the item but it was under review for like 18 hours so he pissed off on Gameflip.

Once his purchase completed, he did a bad review and the review says:
“Mala experiencia comprando en su sitio tanta verificación que necesitan”

Which I believe the English translation is:
“Bad experience buying from your site so much verification you need”

I have nothing to do with this id verification system or under review delay. It wasn’t my fault. So if you can remove this bad review I would appreciate it.
My code: 37R7JY

Hello @peasy_Shop !

There’s a topic explaining how to handle this type of situation.

Good luck!


They can’t remove it via forums/live chat anymore.

Will have to contact Support regarding the review.


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