Orange. B SCAMMER Bought a game of him a while ago. The code was used. I mailed him letting him know. He ignored me. I’ve asked him in public to give me a working code but he said im a scammer. So I’ve warned others on his sales and hes reported me. I’ve had an official warning of gameflip . Be warily of this seller. His reviews have other members saying the same thing. It was only a few dollars but that’s not the point.


I gave him a neutral for taking so long to send a code, and he gave me a “poor”, even though I payed him.

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Took me 2 days to get the USED code of him. I now only use auto send codes of people. And yet hes still a seller

Also. did you say why you give him a medium score. People dont say what the reason for their score was for, I seen your score but no reason.

I usually sell bundles with several games and make several promotions, this guy copies all my ideas, my images and texts, most of his sales were copies of bundles and ideas of mine, without any shame he steals the images that I create to sell My items, my entire text and chases me being that whenever I put a bundle he puts another equal with a penny of dollars less and I see that often he neither delivers the item to the buyer or delivers a fake key, in time Complaining with the gameflip but so far they have not done anything absolutly. Worst of all is that as he does this with items copying from me this affects the credibility of the people on items that may think that I am also scammer for selling the same items.

This man have other fake profile:

Its me Cheap Master.

I see that this scammer said that the gameflip gave him a reason, you probably did not show them proof that he gave you a fake key. Do the following capture a print of your steam screen with the steam key and message that it is fake and send it to the gameflip support email and paste it here as well. Also take print of all the offenses said by this guy and attach together showing the gameflip, they have to stop this scammer. Do not let this cheap for him.

I showed them every-thing they asked for. they did nothing. I even complained on twitter and they said to email them. And still they done nothing. Its only $1.49. Im not arsed about the money its more the principle. If this was ebay they would have backed me up. No point. They wont do nothing.

Hey @David_Williamson, do you have the request number you sent us so I can check it for you?

Also, we will investigate this user further based on your reports you gave us, and others we have.


I’ll have to find it when I get in from work. I have sent that many emails to due to needing games validating. If you check his sells you’ll see a debate. I’ve posted links of proof to him on their. And yet he still doesn’t believe me. He wants my email address now.

Would like to say. He has finally given me a code that works. Some hassle getting it but delt with. Ive thanked him.

yup his ■■■■■ ■■■ just got me like 4 days ago gave me a keycode that been used by some1 els wish i could see me in person 6 dollars or not id beat his ■■■

watch who you buy from

o yea he also changed his name everyone so be careful it is
funny sh#t leave your email and tell him to send what he owes and let others know he reports when you try to warn others it will qork it just did for me about 15 mins ago

Hello David, i want to say you i had same situation with this seller, i bought a game taht was working very bad it was launching only a black screen, if the item isn’t working seller must to give you money back so just ingore that cuz price was low just 1$ and i give him a low score so this man gave me bad score and said i reported you but i don’t think so and i want to say you somtehing about this guy waht i know

this guy have enother acc MEXICANO i got reported from this account (i don’t know really cause he’s saing that i reported u but i am not getting any mails about it) nad he changed name and deleting all listing where are you

and i want to say he’s reporting master he have 2 or maybe 3 accs where he rporting everyone who don’t like him

1st of all. If a seller hasnt got the item as set as automatic DONT BUY. I got my item with a lot off hassle. Yeah it was cheap but i stood my ground. Save everything thats been said. And dont take ■■■■. He called me a scammer many of a times. Im guessing Gameflip told him to give me my item but that was never said. I took it as a win. Stand strong and dont back down BUT have proof.