Orange. B Harassments

I’m sincerely disappointed with the gameflip support, this guy:
Already almost 6 months has been pestering me by copying all the images and bundles I create and putting 1 cent cheaper. I reported several times by email and they would ask me to gather evidence in a report and send it to them, I did a report with several evidences of this guy’s harassment and I sent them to the gameflip and the gameflip did nothing at all until now. I spend hours researching together images creating bundles and original promotions and then comes this guy and copies everything from me putting most of the time a penny less, I am indiguinado with the disregard of support for this type of thing. I see that this guy has been causing damage to other people too, handing out invalid keys and like pretty much everything he sells are copies of my promotions clients can judge that I do the same thing. I am outraged because the vast majority of this guy’s sales are promotions and bundle items that I create, this guy is profiting from my hard work and this is not fair.

An example of the actions of this guy:

Hey, thank you for your report.

Please send me via PM the request numbers you have made.
I’ll investigate this when possible.

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