Harassment, please Help!

I dont know what to do anymore. Hope any admin reads this.
I am now harassed for nearly 1-2 months, by this fishy guy cheap game suplier and that guy who even named himself “Romeos Keys is a Scammer”.
I sent SEVERAL support tickets over the last 2 month and did get NO reply at all. I did sell 2 digit amounts of items daily. Made you guys several hundreds I AM EVEN A FEATURED STORE. But you DIDNT DO ANYTHING for me about these guys.
They keep telling lies, they even create fake accounts to pick up fights with me.
THis cheap game guy even bought stuff from me only to rate me bad and tell people I am scamming.
Man many of my listings got comments about how much of a scammer I am and that stuff.
I NEVER SCAMMED ANYONE HERE. I even avoid the “typical” random key lies and stuff.

I barely make 1-2 sales every few days. Since NO ONE is trusting me anymore, no one want to buy from scammers. I can understand that on the perspective of potential customers who dont know me.
I mean i also sell cheaper then I buy if there is a better price on GameFlip (if price lowering is demanden since there is a better price here).

What am I supposed to do? Not even 1 of those comments were deleted.
I would REALL appreciate ANY answer to this (except from mentioned people + their fake accs + their “friends”)

Sory for raging here and beeing not serious as I supposed to be, but this matter is REALLY bugging me.


man i know how you feel, ever since EVERYONE started selling random keys i started getting fewer and fewer sales weekly. now im lucky if i get 1-3 sales a week on gameflip. being a featured store didnt help much on that. Granted i should add more physical items but still. I hate when people thing we are scammers just because there are people out there trying to cheat us out of a few bucks. or even make fake accounts to mess with us and we not being able to delete rude comments is not helping protect ourselves.

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Yeah. The behaviour of some people is just ridiculous. Seems those are just some kids happy about some “free” $ who even dont think about something else then themselves.
GameFlip should really forbid random keys, its destroying the market. Also the plans of introducing listings for lower then $3 and the ability to post listings with cents. (for example 2.49 and stuff) I think this will totally destroy GameFlip or destroy the GameFlip why I used to love it.

I mean I also have some Random Keys. But I dont post new ones and only got some of my “real” randoms left, where you have a list of games with numbers 1-100 and the customer rolls a dice where i dont have any controll about the outcome. Some customers even got “brand new” games like black ops 3 (and those didnt rate/ tell that in the comments xD).

I mean i know they got full hands, since admin told me on steam. But some thing are really changing to the bad.

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I apologize about the hassle you’ve had to go through with this user, and will talk with Support to see what’s going on. We’ll take care of the situation and take further actions with any user who doesn’t oblige to our warnings.

@Romeos_Keys @Vincents_Gaming

Hello, Romeo and Vincent!

Romeo, we’re currently going through each of your listings to clear these comments left by these users. So far we’ve looked at 480 of your listings. :stuck_out_tongue:

If we miss any please let us know by sending support a message and let us know which listing needs comments removed.

We’ve also sent them a message warning that further harassment may lead to an account suspension.

Something to note: The reason you do not receive a reply when you send a report by tapping/clicking on “Report Inappropriate” is because these reports get sent to a queue that does not allow for replies. The messages are received and then we investigate the issue.

Also, the “Report Inappropriate” form only lets us know the single listing that the report was sent from. So if an issue is happening on more than one listing it helps us a lot if you send a separate report from each listing. This will help us find the specific listing a lot faster than having to search through a list of dozens if not hundreds of listings.

Thanks for your help with this and have a great day!

Thanks Guys.
Good to know about the “Report” System on Comments.
Sorry that we raged a bit.
And thanks for looking into this, hope this will help me and @Vincents_Gaming

Btw.: The Forum should really be more active, since I learned to know some awesome people here and the Forum is a great thing.

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Seems he dont care about warnings.
Hes again starting to talk something about me scamming (I think conning is another word for it?)

@Romeos_Keys Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into this.

Yeah it really does need to be more active. Especially for tips and tricks on Gameflip as well as the Looking to buy and looking to sell sections.
And seriously he’s still sending you crap. What’s up this guy’s … lol at least you got a faster response now

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hehe. yeah, but seems to be hes quiet…for now :smiley:

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thats great to hear. hope it stays that way!

same happend to me wait did you rate fushida game bad

No why should I? I dont like his business practice, since hes reselling grey market keys, but hes not a bad seller when it comes to customer friendlyness.