Seems like there's a lot of scammers on Gameflip

Hello again, i just wanted to ask why GF have so many scammers around? In all my years of trading i have never encountered such site with so many scammers as here. There’s tons of topics related to this subject and whatever attractive i list for sale i get a comment on my listing ( i hate that system where you can comment on other people’s listings, it’s just annoying!) with some offsite offers and whatnot else even though i clearly stated in listing description that i’m not giving my steam/psn id info in advance. I would be happy to have option to disable comments on my listings as only spam/useless stuff are being commented.

It seems like you guys on GF need to improve a lot security and communication between buyer and seller or otherwise we’ll have a chaotic situation here.

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Hey @PBuconjic as said we are growing a lot an we have lots of new users, thefore the scammers number tends to increase.

We will have a feature that will help solving this communication issue coming this week, and we will keep working to improve and have new features that will help us fight scammers.

Please, when you see any scammers, contact us, report the listing that the guy commented on or call us here.

We will be able investigate this further then.

Also we will soon expand the team, so we will have more people looking for these scammers.

Thank you for your comprehension.


Looking forward to seeing what this new communication feature is. Kinda hope it’s the long-requested delete button for troll comments.

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You can actually block people now going to their profile page on the web.

This is not yet available on mobile.

Oh great, thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I look forward to the day we get the function to delete unwanted comments on our listings. It is also crucial to have the option to block users from our store. The scammers that have attacked Gameflip recently are bitter and vengeful. I have faith and trust in support, but what happens when we try to protect and warn the community, but the scammer decides to spam all of my listings to spite us? (This has happened before) 50+ of my listings are spammed and support wasn’t able to remove all of them at once. By the time Gameflip gets back to us, the damage is already done. These small minor problems can be solved by sellers themselves and GREATLY reduce the amount of support tickets, which will free up time to deal with the real problem.

If you have spam/troll comments that you want to get rid of, the easy workaround is just to clone the listing and then close the old one. Only takes a couple seconds and you don’t have to wait for support.

Of course that will break the old link in the event that you have a customer who bookmarked it in their browser, but I doubt there are a lot of those.

I’ve tried cloning listings and deleting the ones they are spamming me on, but that does nothing. They just spam the new ones as well. It doesn’t matter if I have to create 1 new listing or 100 new listings. The principle remains the same, sellers shouldn’t have to deal with that or be at the mercy of these scumbags. Being able to block specific users from your store so they can’t comment or buy from you should be a top priority.

When I first joined, I had so much hope for Gameflip. I still support Gameflip very much, but it is disheartening when they don’t listen to their sellers at all. It has been over a year and rather than giving us updates that empower sellers and improve buyer experience, they give us whatever the 4% commission gold membership thing is.

you can block a specific person from commenting and buying your stuff go to their profile on a pc there is a block option

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OH WOW! You are totally right! I had no idea since I use the Gameflip app on my phone 99.9% of the time. Thank you so much for letting me know, @milad_samie! I really appreciate it. I hope they make it available on the app version as well so that I don’t have to get on my computer to block someone.


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The block feature is brand new as of about a week ago, so that’s probably why you didn’t know about it. I don’t think there was an official announcement, only saw that @op_JOkEr pointed it out in this thread.

And now I am off to the main site to block my first anime-avatar drive-by shitposter :star_struck:

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It’s definitely on our list.

Grrr, I was falsely rated by someone. :confused:

Agree, I think buying or selling should not be allowed until ID and payment documents are 100% verified first.
Not just, okay, we received the uploaded image, looks good.
Plenty of free ID checks that employers can use.