No moderators to stop scam posts on gameflip?

Lately I have seen a influx in accounts doing this

Why arent these people being banned and posts removed for trying to scam people? Ive been trying to fight back by posting “Scammer Alert” posts as a bundle. I highly believe there should be moderators actively going through every post to make sure new users do not get scammed and to ensure a quality marketplace without worry of being ripped off.

Also the “Sell Confirmation” accounts that try to scam users by commenting on their posts saying they bought the item. There need to be instant bans for these accounts and ACTIVE moderators could help with BOTH of these issues.

Not sure why these accounts and posts are not being taken down immediately but hopefully someone sees this and does something about it.

Thanks for your time.

Dunn pretty much addressed this several times before. Im sure they’re working on ways to combat the growing number of scammers on this site.

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Have you reported these accounts? Also post the profile link here to get the Mod’s attention.

Yea I actually just seen that! I messaged Dunn. Im not 100% active in the forums so I probably missed the other times he addressed it.

Yes I reported and posted a listing in Rocket League as a bundle warning others because Im sure new guys will fall for it and Im doing what I can to help by posting Scammer Alerts for the RL community :slight_smile:

I kind of wish they had an application for some sort of volunteer moderator position for the site. Get some trusted sellers who know the rules inside and out to filter the content.


I would do it! Im always on gameflip looking at posts and I would absolutely LOVE to instant ban the scammers soon as I seen them! I would actually even search for them to get them off! :slight_smile:

Question though. Why can other countries use internet phone numbers? The fake phone app numbers and fake internet numbers on the internet?

If they stopped it then it would massively cut down on the return of scammers because this is how they keep making accounts!

In the United States we are not allowed to use these fake internet numbers to make an account, so why isnt this for all countries? Soon as an account is banned they can just make another with a fake phone number. Needs to be changed!

Hello! Can you give me examples of these fake phone numbers so I can check them?

Also, when you see scammers like the one you reported, send their profiles via PM to me so I can take their accounts down.


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like VOIP phone numbers. In some countries you can use it, but others you cant, such as the US.

And yea I pmd you a couple I believe.

We don’t allow VOIP numbers.

If you see anything differnet than this, let me know so I can properly investigate it.


Agree, i’ve reported those (sell confirmation) scammers many times, my messages are always ignored… it’s easy to delete every account called sell confirmation or any comment content you’re item has been purchased… I don’t know why the administrators allowed this.

I don’t think they’re ignored. They may not be able to take actions that quickly, especially when they have a lot of support requests.

If you see comments being marked “-Removed”, it means the scamming accounts got banned.

I understand that, however if there was people where their sole job was to monitor posts, like get 20 people, pay them to view all posts as theyre posted (of course unless its a already known trusted source with an API of listings). If there was moderators viewing every post, as its posted, it would MASSIVELY decrease the # of scams that happen each and everyday to new members of the site. Or they could give select chosen sellers with high trust and sales a option to freeze someones account from posting or commenting until a moderator or someone higher up can definitively solve the issue and make a choice where to go from there. Of course if this was abused it would be a instant ban for the seller. I think something like this would be amazing for the community and new memebers.

Sorry if I have the wrong information, but Ive talked to some people who said they have used VOIP and get their confirmation #'s through website services and this is how they are able to constantly make a new account one they are banned. I only believed it because in a real life situation, most people dont have a unlimited amount of phone numbers at their disposal to weekly, monthly, yearly keep making a new account soon as theirs is banned.

But he was a scammer and could have been lying for all I know.

You can help by getting more information on how these guys got VOIP numbers through so Gameflip can stop them. Basically, instead of just complaining, take actions to help :slight_smile: I’ve reported a number of accounts and saw them banned later.

avoiddddddddd this scammer

pretending to be game flip and bought an tw octane and never received money!!!

Can you give the URL to their Gameflip profile?