Moderators on the GameFlip Site and App

GameFlip should get some mods on their apps and websites so that the mods can ban “Seller Confirmation” Usernames or at least try to integrate some kind of way to keep people from changing their names to that, right not tons and tons of people get scammed and delete GameFlip because they think GameFlip stole their money. I have a friend that has this app and deleted it because he got scammed like that. It is also not because they are new, it’s because GameFlip doesn’t really say anything about scammers like that. Except in very small print at the bottom of the comment button.


Thank you for your suggestion. We are always trying to have more ways to catch users like those impersonators. We are always improving, but it is a difficult battle.

But it doesn’t rest only on us. Users need to inform themselves on how the marketplace works. There are FAQs that teaches users to buy, sell and much more.

Also there are warnings when the transaction is happening, within the listings, and even within notifications. By paying attenttion to that, the “sell confirmarion” scams will diminish a lot.