Suggestion about Sell Confirmation username and something for sellers with online/offline in their names

Suggestion is pretty simple - DISABLE CHANGING NAMES after registration process.

Every “Sell confirmation” user had different name previously, that’s obvious, so this would be the easiest way of preventing this. You don’t need to disable it completely, but make this step something that needs to be checked by moderation first (like getting Gameflip Verified badge).

I know that users with “online/offline” in their names would find this solution bad, so here comes second suggestion - make something like online/offline indicator that would be optional after the username. It may work automatically by default (by checking user’s activities), but it would be nice that you can also make it changeable manually.


They need to do something because everyone who fall for these scammer will email them there codes thinking its been sold because Sell Confirmation only seen to comment on new user who dont know much about the site

There muti bad things coming from this

:black_small_square: People are losing there codes thinking it sold.
:black_small_square: People who email the scammer the code will most likely not removed the listing being confused why they didnt get there money thinking it sold.
:black_small_square: They will send a ticket to Gameflip question what going wrong.
:black_small_square: There maybe someone who seen the item listed, buys it to find out its already been redeemed by the scammer, they will open up a dispute thinking the seller is scamming them.
:black_small_square:There a chance the seller may win the dispute (the buyer will losed out on there money) with a code that already been redeemed being they didnt removed the listing after they email Sell Confirmation it and the scammer redeemed it.

This will make Gameflip have to do alot more with each individual case and put alot more work on Gameflip Staff on top of all the other work they’re already doing.

Banning the Sell Confirmation wont work solely on the fact people can edit there names at anytime.

All sites have there banned names that cant be used in a username, they do it to protect people and make the staff life easier. I still think Gameflip should banned a few key words when making names.
It would be easy for people to make specific names to trick people by used there name edit on there side.

I hope gameflip does something to protect new seller because new people incoming to your app makes the company grow on top of making people happy makes the company more money.

I love Gameflip and will always support them and do my best to help them.
They have only did good things for me.
Gameflip is still #1 to me

Lucy :heart:

Well, that’s my point - disable this.

Banning names is mentioned here bunch of times, that’s why I tried to suggest something different this time. And banning names automatically is tricky stuff. Check this - Sell Confrimation.

I already ask them if they could banned it but I was told if they do the scanmer would just make a new scammer nane to trick people and in the long run ganeflip would banned to many words for people to use in there usernames.

Im not aaking them to banned silly names im only asking them to banned anything that could trick ppl or nanes like people trying to put ganeflip / staff in there names.

And yes this screenshot is atm

Lucy :heart:

Again, my point is to disable any possibility to edit name without moderation approval.

I believe it is easy to prevent registration with misleading username, so without possibility to change their name into something scammy afterwards - problem is solved.

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I hope they do something because the scammer going for some big cards $100 and up.

I feel bad for these people because that alot of money and I can see a lot of people falling for it.

If the scammer can try 10 people a day and 1 fall for it each day that alot of money and more work for the gameflip to fix issuses down the line.

I love the staff. I hope they listen to us here and there.
We’re only trying to help in the end.

Lucy :heart:

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Maybe they should add something to our profiles so new users don’t fall for this. I know they mention that Gameflip will never post comments and you think that’s enough but maybe it should be in big colourful font or something.

I don’t mind the OPs idea of one user name as long as there was an online/offline option on your profile.

Just need to add “sell confirmation” name in blacklist.Problem solved.

Hello, this won’t solve the issue since they will come up with new names.

I’ll assess this in order to find any possible solutions.

Also, users can check our guide here:

This will help avoid any bad situation.

Keep reporting thise guys!

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Sure I will report the scammer each time I see them in comment. Thank You Dunn

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Better than doing nothing against them .