Scamming account

There used to be one account with the name “Seller Confirmation” but I’m sure it was deleted by Gameflip. However, there is another one after that with name “Sell Confirmation” acting with the same manner. This account roams around new sellers sending confusing message. Hopefully admin will delete it asap.

Yeah there are a couple of these floating around the site. Until names like this are blacklisted or improvements are done to the comment section all we can do is report them.

Looks like he got banned now as the profile is not found any more :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand why people still can change name to “Sell Confirmation”?! I’m web developer and i know it’s super easy to block it.

the site doesn’t filter username, I guess

There are vast variations in the possible convincing names that scammers can use. “gameflip”, “message”, “notification” are already banned words. I think a “patch” to this problem would be to disable the avatars and remove spaces from the names in the comments so the messages look less official. Or just force new users to read the warning.