Cmon... ban this guy

I reported him 3 days ago, he is still up

The person keep making new user names and scamming new ppl by tricking ppl.

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Can one of you please send me the profile link of this user so I can check?

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Thank you very much, I have suspended this user!

Thank You :heart:

@Tali if you want i can pm you his ip

Thank you but this will not be necessary, we have means to check it.
Please do not post anyone’s IP on the forums, there is no need to display it.

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Hi, just a quick suggestion:

Why not put a block on the use of some words in profile names such as “Sell Confirmation” and the likes? this should save a lot of time in monitoring and make the scammer’s life somewhat harder.

Im assuming this already exists as I have yet to see someone using the word “Gameflip” in their profile name.

I agree that would be a good measure.
Of course, these scammers would come up with new names then, and we would end up blocking way too many words.
I believe this suggestion was already passed to the team before, but let’s check with @DunnBiscuit
Meanwhile, please report these as fast as you can to us, I’m always keeping an eye on forum, so we can at least suspend them before they do any damage.

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