I found a scammer

So basically there is a guy on Gameflip that is constantly commenting on other guys trades this
"Your listing has been purchased by “A Wild Willy” You have 1 day(s) to deliver the item! (Note: http://steamcommunity.com/id/willthekiller26/)"

His name is Gameflip I added him and he was claiming that he isnt scammer he didnt respond after that and obviously blocked me.
Ban this user there are new traders on gameflip that will fall for this.


I hope you will see my topic and take this seriously and ban him, he will probably be making new accounts.

Thank you for letting us know,

We will track him down and suspend him if he isn’t suspended yet.

Can you also please send us a link to this linting so we can investigate this better?

Dear Gameflip,

I have recently sold 36usd worth of rocket leauge to this guy who claims he is not a scammer,
He hasn’t rated me and he left and just blocked me so i couldn’t contact him

His name is Divine castro and purchased off my account named luke hemming

can i please receive my money

56 am

lol : ) that’s definitely a scammer. Don’t you guys read the warnings ?

I don’t think so , copy and paste his profile URL here