Scammer exposed please ban him immediately

This kid is scamming lots of gameflip users right now he has to be banned as soon as possible please admins dont let anyone else get banned

Check out the comments on this listing as well

Can you guys specify any of this user listings so we can investigate this further?

He is blocking the users he scammed
I ve opened a dispute for the thing i have bought and if you are able to see the messages he wrote you ll se that he admited that he is a scammer
(Request number: 127344)
He changed his name again this is his new link

And just check the listings he sold he has more than 50 sold items and yet he has only 22 feedback
He is acting like he doesnt know anything on gameflip and scamming people

And he just listed another titanium white octane for $9 please buy it if possible and see what he is doing to his victims

Thank you for letting me know i’ll investigate this further.