Empowering Buyers/Sellers with the option to block rude users & delete comments

Hello Gameflipians! How is everyone doing? I hope all is well! Today I will be touching on the topic of having the option to block rude users and deleting comments.

Although the majority of the Gameflip community is filled with amazing people who are polite, respectful and just all around wonderful human beings, we do have our fair share of trolls. When unpleasant (vulgar, sexual, racist, etc) comments are made, we are told to contact support about it to have the comment removed. Personally, I think Gameflip support is great and they do their best with everyone’s concerns, but the app is growing everyday (YAY!) and I noticed the turn around time has increased significantly. As a result, these inappropriate comments linger for hours or sometimes even days in the community until it is finally addressed by someone at Gameflip. If a seller had the option to delete the useless comment made by someone on their listing, the unpleasantness would be dealt with on the spot and no one else would have to witness it. Additionally, there have been times where rude users continue to harass a seller for hours by repeatedly commenting or spamming all their other listings with childish remarks. This cause a tremendous amount of stress and unnecessary drama for the seller who can be investing that time filling orders, creating new listings and replying to customer inquires. This problem can easily be solved if sellers are given the option to block users from their store that are causing problems.

All in all, the ability to block rude users and delete comments isn’t and shouldn’t be considered just a feature, it is a right. Please Gameflip, if you are about the community, please bless us with these two options. Other apps and sites have done this and it has worked wonders!

Thank you for all of your time!

This would be nice and having some sort of requirement for people to sign up like cc. Helps weed out the scammers

I have been requesting this feature ever since I joined the site. I think a lot of the unsolicited comments are distracting to real buyers. In my experience so far, the people who want to haggle on price in the comments section are not necessarily motivated buyers.

Last time I asked about this, the forum admin said that it’s not high on their priorities list, but I hope that changes.

To Gameflip’s credit, anytime I flag a listing and request for the comments to be removed (which is the current system for removing them), they get around to it pretty quick for me.

I would think that the feedback system would accomplish this goal, in the same way that it does on eBay/Amazon/most other marketplaces. This way it is limited to those buyers who have actually had a transaction with the seller and not just lazy drive-by posts.

These are all great ideas!