we NEED ways to delete comments and block users

too many useless spam, lowballing, irrelevant comments that are distracting to buyers. and some of them are from the same people. i hope you guys will introduce those 2 features soon before trolls bring this app down

oh a way to sort search would be nice too :smiley:


Hi @John_Blaine
Thanks for your feedback! We’re definitely working hard on the “troll & fraud busting” features. Some changes have been rolled out already, but the ones you mentioned are still to come.

I can’t promise when, but “deleting comments” is certainly we’re aiming to provide users.

Do you have an Android? On iOS you can already filter the search by searching any keyword, then tapping on the funnel icon on the top of the screen. We’ll implement that on Android soon.

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I agree with you. Personally hasn’t happened to me but I see it happen to others which means one day it will happen to me. The only solution I saw is to delete your post and make a new one, it’s a pain I know, it’s a pain from the consumer end who was watching an item then it disappears because he had to make a new post to delete his comments.

Yeah we definitely need this. To delete comments. Maybe block users? And the reporting of listings and it actually works would be nice. Waaaay too much spam on the app anymore. Literally half the up is ridiculous prices or spam.

The site absolutely needs a feature to delete unhelpful comments.

I don’t mind legitimate questions about my items, but 80% of what I’ve gotten on my items so far are rude/unsolicited comments. These are distracting and discouraging to potential buyers. I don’t see this behavior on other marketplaces.

I hope this is actually coming soon as op_JOkEr said.

yes i agree. i keep getting comments that will discourage buyers. and people who always say ( this will never sell i got this for $10 or $20 free shipping, youll never sell this." That shizz is annoying honestly. Thats not helpful to us at all. Granted you may find something somewhere but doesnt mean everyone can get it etc.

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I would add though, that at this point. A user should be allowed 2 comments, or some sort of going away message when blocked.

I asked a question on one of the user’s 3 posts, mainly due to the user being new as of a few hours ago. The user has a feedback score of 0. After asking my question for verification purposes (I’ve had issues with codes for the incorrect region in the past) , with no answer to said question…I was blocked by the user.

A response to say, as a general warning by that point, that my account had been blocked from the listing owner “Error: Blocked by listing owner” would be useful. I’d rather not other users get blocked/ripped off after offering a genuine and reasonable request to the listing owner.

And just for reference:

I only asked because of the Region listing None/Global.

The “ONLY FOR US PSN ACCOUNTS” is irrelevant, as again…I’ve had the same problem in the past where people claim it’s for a US account, when it turns out not to be the case.