What new features would you like to see in Gameflip?

I am just a normal guy; not working for Gameflip. But seeing how Gameflip has evolved and the potential it has, this app can prove to be just as big as eBay or Amazon with the right attention, detail, support, and feedback.

So as a help towards Gameflip (especially if they are reading this post), what kind of additional features or tweaks would you like to see to their current system along with their future user interface?

One thing I would like to see as a website version of this. Not that the mobile version is terrible, but having this available in more than one format will definitely go a long way and I’m sure Gameflip knows it too.


Thanks for starting this and your feedback. This is what will help us continue to grow and better understand what features are best focused on. As for the website, I completely agree with you and have fought for this even before we launched haha Which is actually something that is currently in our road map and will be in development soon. It may take some time since this will require a lot of resources to get it on par to the app, but will be happening :smile:

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We are all definitely looking forward to all of the new updates :smile:
Hopefully this thread does take off.

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Well, one thing I’d like to see for the app is the ability to turn it sideways for smartphones. The way I can type is cleaner when I turn it sideways and it doesn’t give me as many auto correct errors.

And another thing I’d like to see is maybe a section that is made for bidding on items maybe. People seem to really like trying to adjust prices to what they want in the comments a lot, so why not a bidding section for the prices that people are looking for or to see if they can get it faster?

The bidding option is definitely something I would also like to see implemented. Too many times you see in comments how if they could do a trade or for a lower price. Not that there’s nothing wrong with that, but it can definitely look like a mess afterwards. I would assume that if a bid function would be implemented, it would be more unique than the one eBay has. A trade function probably should be added to for those that are willing to accept a trade.

One more thing, and I can’t say if this has been worked on or not, but when i first started using Gameflip a few months back, I would notice that only a limited amount of photos could be added to a listing. When I would ask someone to add a few more to see the conditions of the game, I would see the new ones but for some reason the old ones would disappear. I guess there was a photo limit that a listing could have. If this has been worked on, then thank you! If not, its something to look into for those that are suspicious of certain listings.

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  1. relist for android version
  2. seller can hide comments
  3. the ability to put people on your block list.

too many friggin stupid trolls and low ballers. frankly if i have to deal with lowballers all the time i may as well stick with craigslist because at least they are free.

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I would like to see the credits for referrals not expire so quickly. It’s almost a joke.

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I’d also like to see the comment feature removed or atleast let it be up to the seller to let them through. Most of them are ridiculous low balling bum comments on every item.

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preach, air.jer. i agree 100%. frankly i just ignore the promo credit since its hard for me to find something i dont have at a fair price within 3 days or whatever

I agree with the comments. There are way too many people just trying to steal their way for a buy. And is there a normal messaging system in place?

its been said before but ill say it again. We need to be able to delete comments or hide them.
We have a lot of trolls and they spam our items with unwanted/ unneeded words and spam.
Its also listed under the Terms of use on gameflip not to ruin other peoples business by what you say ( obviously not word for word but just about what it says)
We have people commenting saying our codes or items dont work or they are fake etc. Not fair to have to delete our post if we want to get rid of their comments. Also a pain on our end to RElist the litem.
Please push this out with the next update thanks

-block certain people and delete comment function

k thx

Thank you everyone for continuing to list your suggestions and feedback. It definitely seems like being able to delete comments, block users and the re-list feature for Android is a highly recommended feature and totally agree. I have been fighting for these features as well for a while. I’m currently putting together a report for these suggestions so we can hopefully finally get these implemented!


that would be awesome cant wait for these features to be rolled out.

@BurTheFly do we have an ETA on when we might know if any of those things will be coming to the app?

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So I’ll let you guys know a little bit about what’s down the pipeline, what we’re working on and the restrictions that we have. I like to be as clear and up front as possible with everyone.

As of right now we are knee deep and mainly focusing all our engineering efforts on putting together a website client. This means we have to shift priorities around, and since we are still a small team, means we have to push some features back. Since the team is working on building the website right now, and to make things more efficient, some of these features maybe implemented into the website before the app. Which we believe a lot of hassle (especially for Sellers) should help with the website.

Tentatively we are hoping that at least the early stages of the website should up around the end of Jan - early Feb. But as for everything, there could be delays.

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Good to hear the website is incoming :slightly_smiling:
Should make a lot more things better for everyone.

Yeah a website will be a nice addition, though i prefer more updates on the app as a lot of things still need to be fixed But totally understand your a small team just get it done :slight_smile: we believe in you guys

If it’s possible… It would be amazing for some type of verification for digital codes so nobody gets played lol

Hi E23k13l, It would be a good idea in theory but maintaining that and even finding a way to verify most codes would be nearly impossible.
Codes for the 360 or PS would tell you if you can redeem or if its been used. But codes for like steam or School/ education or software codes and other such codes are kind of hard to figure out their validity.
As if you enter in some codes they will end up becoming used and no longer valid even though you were just testing it.

Though that’s why we pay the extra small fee to protect us from scams on digital codes. Plus taking pictures and etc.
If you haven’t read my forum post on buying / selling digital codes please take a few moments to read it. Good information is available.