Using an offline program for selling items

Hello, there was such a question, but is it possible to use the gameflip on the marketplace, a bot that automatically removes and sells things for a given time?
can I use a merchant bot also like this seller?

will it be considered a violation that I monopolize the trading platform using an automatic program that will sell items for a given time?

I think you will have to use there API for this.

@op_JOkEr can anyone from the representatives of the gameflip das an explanation on this issue?

The API is exactly for this purpose, allowing you to automate your listing. As long as you’re not selling prohibited items, use the API to help you to be efficient.

I report this user , no like !

Like 2 yrs ago, there was an exploit on gameflip, using it you could bump your Listings just by 2-3 click, this user (yes, im sure it was him), was using this exploit all of time just to have his listings on first page. Gameflip fixed it later, and this user just stopped selling here.

yes chojak is himself, is using api, all sellers are reporting and threatening to stop selling on the site if the gameflip does not stop it.

Muhammed K, deprives healthy competitors of all sellers by actually taking over the trading platform, if the gameflip does not react to this behavior, then it will be necessary to leave the trading platform and go to other trading platforms where there is competitiveness.

@DunnBiscuit @op_joker

dear both, can look into this issue?

I think there are offline now, weekend. we have to wait for monday.

at least one of the representatives
does the gameflip comment on our question?

@AponeGF hi apone, would u be able to explain and advise?

Finally i see someone who report this user properly. He was doing the same (using bot to relist items) in december and then i reported him to gameflip staff. After that, they apparently did something against it and he stopped doing it. Now i’ve been noticing that he’s doing the same again and Gameflip support hasn’t did anything against him yet. This is something that takes the fully advantage over other sellers and it is nothing fair.

Hey guys, can you link me the user profile, so I can properly investigate it?

Then I’ll be able to give you a proper answer.

Thanks. This is his profile

Hey guys, our team are already investigating this and we will contact the user.

Please let us know if this behaviour persists during the next few days.


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I’m not the only one doing it.
i stopped deleting and creating listings ( I’m not using API or etc. )
I’m reviewing the page, many users are doing this

I hope everyone agrees with this rule.

I’m waiting for the other users stopped now.

for example;

and I checked the page :
to sellers deleting and creating all listings , trying to bump them.

Maybe we need some rule, like you can bump once per day or something like that. Not like 1000 times per day. I understand, some people want bump there listings, sometimes I would do this to when I can’t sell some skins per days. On first page is just easier and faster to sell.

he’s like deleting and relist his items within every 2-3 minutes nonstop, Not like the others.

The best suggestion for this on first page showing listing

Discount rate should be listed from high to low.
the product with the highest discount will always appear on the first page. it would be better.

first page currently now, Showing type: new to old