How to use the API Bot after the recent warnings ??

Hi Guys,

For those who don’t know me i’m Samcro, I am a strictly pc-steam ONLY KEY store and have been a member of the Gameflip community since the beginning of 2018 with over 1000+ positive ratings. I’d like to share my concerns about the recent warning i got from Gameflip regarding the api developer bot, So i had been using an api bot to re-list 6 listings as show bellow every 20 minutes.

100x Keys
50x Keys
40x Keys
30x Keys
20x Keys
10x Keys

So the warning stated i cannot delete and re-list my listings every few minutes, so my question to the creators of this website is how should i list my ONLY KEY listings using an api bot ? Ever since i got the warning i have been posting 6 listings shown above once a day and this has hurt my sales by almost 70%.

Would posting these exact 6 different key listings every 1 hour be ok? or would i have to post 6 different key amounts every 1 hour ?

Please keep in mind that i only sell keys, and i am positive that many sellers on Gameflip want to hear what you guys have to say.

Hello and welcome to the gameflip community.

@DunnBiscuit said once and i quote ‘‘If he is listing brand new items he can list those in any quantity. If he is taking down his listings to list again, it is forbbiden.’’

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You can repost same keys every 24h - not every 20min

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So I’m guessing i cant make a new duplicate listing every 1 hour, is that correct? without deleting the previous listings

For Example:

100x 50x 40x 30x 20x 10x and 1 hour later i post 100x 50x 40x 30x 20x 10x without deleting the previous listings. (Is this allowed)

1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x and 1 hour later i post 7x 8x 9x 10x 11x 12x
(Is this allowed)

If @DunnBiscuit can share some light on this matter i would be forever grateful.

Do you have those items? If so you can create new litigns to reflect those items you want to sell. Now, if you dont have such items, why do you need to create new listings?

If you want to get those bumped, you may do it on a 24 hours interval.

Thank you.

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Nobody is really answering my question though. I still haven’t got an answer from Gameflip support or from any of the sellers, what makes it confusing is that i don’t sell items, only keys, if it was just items i would completely understand.

Hello everybody,

I am also worried about what is happening with spamming and suspicions right now. Sellers report other sellers because they think the problem in others. Sometimes that is fair ( for example when seller spam 5 listings in a minute ) .

This is happening because we dont have clear rules about time between listings and amount of listings per day. For now we have 2 main rules :

First is that you cant post multiple same items " If he is listing brand new items he can list those in any quantity. If he is taking down his listings to list again, it is forbbiden. "

Second is that you can “relist” or post same item within 24 hours

So according to these 2 rules you can do non stop listing items 24/7 if you have more than 1440 items to list. Explaining : 1440 minutes in 1 day, so if you list 1 item per 1 minute the time between bump of the same item will be 24 hours.

Speaking about situation with Samcro, I think is not fair that he recieved suspend.

I also selling keys and keys + crates bundles in amount from 10 to 50. So you can see at least 2 same bundles from me ( 50keys + 50pcc , and again 50 keys + pcc ). But I have 300 keys in my inventory right now and 700 pcc. So every 50+50 bundle counts as new one. That mean I can afford to sell all I listed.

Same with Samcro, I think he can list multiple key bundles if he can afford to sell all he list.


  • I am using API
  • I wait for 24 hours between listings

Can you share your ticket number so I can check it further?

If you were answered already, please disregard my message.