I can't figure out how to use bots with TF2

I know they’re available because I’ve bought a bunch of TF2 keys from bots in the last few days. Now I’m wanting to sell some of my items, but every time I try to create a listing, it only gives me the manual coordination option.

Ftr, I joined the bot club earlier today. Does it take awhile to activate on an account?

Every steam inventory has a limit for TF 2 Items. If Gameflip bots are full you can only use Coordinate transfer. Btw Bot Club only reduce fees.

Hmm, well if that’s the reason in this case, I hope they add more bots quickly, or apply seller limits to prevent large resellers from squishing out the little guys. I expected bot access right away after joining.

I would also suggest to the admins that a message be displayed in the listing form indicating this, since I had assumed I was doing something wrong.

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Support has just replied to me. Apparently TF2 bots are only accessible via the app… :neutral_face: :thinking:

I suggested they should put this info on the Club info page so people aren’t caught off guard. Fortunately I do have a smart phone, not a great one, but it works. It’s going to be a pain to do listings compared to the PC, so I probably won’t list as much.

I asked them if they plan to add PC bot access. I’ll report back what they say.

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Based on what support says, there’s no plans for this at the moment.

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