Can't create a Bot Sell for TF2 Item

Please help me to create a bot Sell for TF2 key, i just have no choice of delievery method

And before this i didn’t have choice of delievery method either

If the bot (automatic transfer) method isn’t available then you’ll have to go with manual (coordinated transfer). So click on any of 1/2/3 days choices and prepare to deliver your item when someone buys it. If you’re a new seller please read this guide on peer-to-peer trading to avoid scams.

I’m ok, but why isn’t it avaliable? i see other people sell TF2 items with bot transfer, and i wonder why i can’t

The bot transfer listings you see are old listings. All users currently can only post new TF2 listings as manual (coordinated transfer). This is a change since last week.

it will never be a bot transfer opportunity for tf2 again?

It may be temporary, I do not know. For now are you having problems with the manual method?

no, no problems, thanks for your help