Bot option no longer available on app for TF2

A couple weeks ago I listed one bot trade on the app. Now I have a few more things to list, but when I try, it only gives me the option for a manual trade. The bot option is not listed.

Is this a known bug? I updated the GF app earlier today, so maybe this is a new bug? Is anyone else having this problem or know how to work around this? (FTR, support has told me that TF2 bot trades are only available via the app, so I can’t do it from my desktop)

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Well, I finally got the answer, 4 days after filing a ticket.

Guess what? The TF2 bot was removed in the last update…with apparently no warning, message, announcement or heads up to anyone in the bot club… o.O :neutral_face: /facepalm

When I first signed up I had to fill out a support ticket to find out why I couldn’t make bot trades, and that was when they had the bot. I was told I had to use my cell phone to access the bot. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have normal desktop access, but, anyway, at least the bot was there in some form. But now it’s totally gone.

So, just a heads up for new TF2 traders expecting to use the bot: There isn’t one. It’s gone, and this info is not on the site anywhere, unless they add it after this post.

As for bots in other games, based on my experience, I have no idea what bots they have and what hoops you have to jump through to use them, so you might want to ask before you sign up.

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TF2 game requires the player to buy inventory space, so the Gameflip bots only had finite space to hold seller’s items. Other games where you can trade items on the Steam platform where inventory space is infinite should still have the bot trade feature available.


If that’s the reason why they shut it down, there are simple solutions for this that other trade sites and bots already use. (edit: when I say ‘simple’, I mean in concept. I don’t know how hard it would be to actually set up, but others are doing it, so…)

I currently have paid bots and/or memberships plus donation benefits at four different sites/bots. For example, my paid TF2 bot comes with the stock BP slots, IIRC it’s 600-800, and I have since added about 6 BP expanders to it at my expense.

One site I use has both shared and dedicated bots, and if you want the dedicated private bot, you have to pay $50 for it. That is a lifetime fee, FTR, once you pay the $50, that bot is yours for life, and they make the rest of their money off of commission. Otherwise, you get a shared bot with more limited INV space.

Put simply, I am ready and willing to pay for BP expansion, which is currently about 2 expanders per key, or about 2 per $1.70 or so, and each one adds 100 slots, so it’s really cheap for serious traders. Assuming things go well for me, then I would be willing to pay a lifetime fee for a dedicated bot, like the other site has. I currently use a shared bot there and have put in $15 so far, but plan to move up to the Ded bot at some point.

So, if it’s just a money issue, all GF has to do…is ask for more money, but do it in such a way that the heavier users pay the bigger amounts, and very limited users could probably just be kept on the old plan before the bot was removed, i.e., no extra cost for someone with just 5-20 items, or whatever number works.

I will forward this idea to GF support and ask them to prioritize it, because GF has a big name out there and is really missing out not having full TF2 bot support. I realize TF2 isn’t quite what it used to be, but it’s still trucking along nicely and I would love to have quality GF bot access for it.

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