Fail to access Steam inventoryy

hello i cant list items since 2 weeks, support doesnt reply my messages. i didnt change my offer url since years and my profile is public. i can able to see my inventory through other selling/inventory sites, but doesnt work on gameflip.

to make sure there is a no problem on my side i just changed my steam offer url and updated on gameflip, still cant see my inventory on site. please fix this problem


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and i know gameflip disabled bot trades, i was using coordinat transfer option. the problem is gameflip cant even scan my inventory. also there is no tf2 key seller since then so im pretty sure everyone has same problem

Yup…I’ve been facing the exact same issue since they disabled bot trade and support hasn’t updated my ticket till now.

Hey guys!

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Please keep in mind that this issue started appearing after Steam made changes to their API system, but our system is currently being verified by the Engineering Team to see what can be done and as soon as we have updates on the case, I will inform you here and the tickets will be updated ok.

Godspeed! :trident:

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any eta? it has been 2 weeks

Take your time but i just hope if you could in the end figure out a way to bring back “Bot trade”. It had been an extremely helpful feature for in-game items exclusive sellers like myself as well as being straightforward to buyers and encourages them to purchase since it’s immediate and guarantees neither parties getting scammed.

I think they just disabled the option to sell steam skins, other sites had no big issues with API system, still the same.

exactly, i have no issue on other sites.

Selling Steam skins is back but without accessing Steam inventory.

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