Auto listing BOT?

Los amigos!

Is this dude using some auto listing bot or something like that? He deleting and reposting their listing all the time - 24/7.


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Report him for it. That’s not allowed. There was a guy doing that with CS listings and they made him stop.


Probably using back end API with some sort of timing mechanism.

Probably this one


Seems that’s allowed, he keep doing this non-stop.


Can you please send any proof regarding what the user is doing? If you have videos or images send it to me, so i can properly investigate this further.


yes this is ridicilous, i have to spend 1 hour to list my all items, some dudes relisting it every hour, its impossible

Hey man!

You can easy check by yourself, btw.

Here we can see the item on the last page after minute item form the last page is gone Guess where the item is now? On the first page


Since he’s mentioned it I’ve kept an eye on it and there isn’t a time of day or night that he hasn’t posted items within a minute or two. spams constantly with no stop.

yes i checked this guy too, he is going to kill trading on steam, i am even stop to post steam items becouse of this,my items cant last 10 min on first page… this si very sad…

he’s still spamming non-stop lol

Yup! Admins can’t stop him or don’t want to. GG WP

I would hate this one guy kills the API for the rest of us.

The API is not meant for spamming/bumping listings. The sample codes provided only list the items once, so this user must have modified it to do a time loop. Please don’t imitate this user’s actions.

Much of the information on Gameflip is updated on a real-time basis and is proprietary or is licensed to Gameflip by Gameflip’s users or third-parties. You agree that you will not:

  • Use any robot, spider, scraper, data mining tools, data gathering and extraction tools, or other automated means to access Gameflip for any purpose, except as permitted by our APIs (which may also be subject to separate API Terms of Use)

Hello guys,

Thanks for the report and the comments. We contacted the user about this.

If you see that this behavior persists, please PM me.


You are very wrong here unfortunately.

This issue needed to be investigated before we could take any actions.

As said, the issue was indeed investigated and we contacted the user.

Thank you.


Thanks Dunn, separate topic, I messaged you about, I got response from support but stuck. I know you have a process with what you do and work but curious to see if you had a second to review my message and possibly help me?

He finally stopped! Thank you!

You guys need a listing moderators or something like that. People keep bumping, selling steam accounts and other shits.

Btw, why just not make a listing limitation with option buy more slots?