This Guy Spams All His Posts

So, I’m a regular seller on Gameflip and I do not sell much. However, I just realized that this guy spams his posts in just 2 minutes and I got the evidence.

and if I’m not mistaken, the time limit for reposting the same post is 24 hours. He may not be the only one who does these kind of stuff.

His gameflip profile:

Can any admin or mod help please. Thanks.

Even though the amount and type of the current items are different, they do spam 24/7. (same guy and 2 different accounts…)

21312 42342

acc1 =

acc2 =

please do what is needed

Also, when i open new posts i can’t see my posts in first 3 pages. Because of that guy(Fresh or Topless). So, we’re not equal in that point. You must to do something about that man. I opened topic about that guy like 2 months ago but he’s still doing it… @DarkKnight

same on every market, noone care those guys posting crates+keys offers every second, no other sellers can sell anything nobody see our offers, how gameflip admins dont realise that they will make more money if they stop this, noone buying BMD or BMG i remember when market was free of those spammers i sold like 5+10 bmds per day, today there is only key crates trashhhhhh.
Watch this guy,he ruinde xbox market noone care

why do you use the api and then spend hours on end on the forums trying to get sellers banned for using the api? I have done extensive research to make sure I am not breaking the rules.

These forums have literally turned into a whine-fest the admins need to punish people who post false reports on these forums.

Excuse me, but my proofs clearly state that the guy posted the same thing in a row in just 2 minutes which is not allowed nor ethic. People are free to use API as Gameflip allows, but it doesn’t imply that they can abuse it just like that.

I’m not using API. So we are equal about openning posts? You’re not right about that point. You can right about don’t breaking rules point but, you’re abusing market clearly. Why we must to see our posts on other pages after just openning. Am i right or not in that point? @DarkKnight

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Fr its annoying. I’ll be scrolling for 5 minutes looking for a different sellers listing, but all thats there is the over priced seller spamming his items. Wish there was a way to stop seeing a sellers listings