Insane spamming.How is this even allowed ?

This guy has been spamming literally for hours without taking a break.He posts 36 sales in 4 minutes.I have reported him many times but apparently gameflip doesn’t care about spam reports.He has already occupied tens of pages.Thanks to him other people’s sales don’t even appear.How is this even allowed ? Please do something about this spammer.

I can only upload 1 picture since i’m a new member.Here is the rest :

At the moment , i even see his sales in a row on the 90th page.This is unacceptable.

This is not allowed - he soon should receive warning from moderators. Just report him.

i have been reporting him for a long time. I doubt he recevied a warning so far.

I checked with gameflip before posting, but why don’t you go ahead and tell me what you think is acceptable, and out of respect I’ll oblige.

He’s using Gameflip API. API is a tool which can help you with a lot of listings. But constantly spamming is not good. I guess Dunn will give him a warning about this.

what exactly constitutes spam and what constitutes posts?

@FreshTopEnd is that you? If so, are you listing differente items or remove and relisting items?

every single item is different. Also I am not removing and reposting aka bumping my posts.

yes it is me

So is it okey to create 36 listings in 4 minutes , engage more than 90 pages and not let anyone’s listings appear if what he posts is different items ? or somehow he can have a reasonable explanation in this situation ? LOL

Dunn never said it was okay or not.
Dun just trying to get more information to investigate this further and take any necessary actions if needed.

Lucy :heart:

if your neighbor walks on your lawn on the way to his house, you ask him not to walk on your lawn, you don’t call the police and act like a child having a temper tantrum.

If he is listing brand new items he can list those in any quantity. If he is taking down his listings to list again, it is forbbiden.

Regardless of that I’ll investigate the report to see if there is any thing wrong.

Thank you.

I doubt he adds brand new items.As far as i know the bot he use doesn’t work that way.That simply removes and re-adds listings quickly.Besides that , i have been reporting him for maybe months.If he was spamming brand new items all the time , he would have had all the items in his profile already.

Let Gameflip do there investigation to find if its true or not.

Thank You for your report

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