Post Spamming is causing the decline of gameflip


Gameflip sellers need to be limited to how many posts per hour you’re allowed to post. It seems quite obvious as a long time user of gameflip that the reason it has slowed down and declined is because of users spamming their posts in attempts to drown the market with their sales-posts and that way nobody else can sell. Many buyers are leaving this app because why scroll through hundreds of the same post when there are other markets that don’t allow spamming the feed…




The Spammers have been warned, but Users such as



Continue to flood the market with the same items twice 3 and in goos case 20 times per hour



According to gameflip terms you can only post one listing and re-list it again within 24 hours

Example: If you post x100 keys at 3 pm, you must wait 24 hours to post it (x100 keys) again. BUT you can post Brand new items every time, example: 10x keys, 15x keys, x20 keys etc. Still you must wait 24hs to re-post them again tho

If there is someone spamming like hell the same exact item, please report them via PM to @DunnBiscuit and he will see w/ the team what actions they can take.

Sadly this is allways going to happen, so the best we can do here is report everyone who is breaking the ToS of gf.



I agree spamming has ruined the experience for everyone who buys and sells on here on Rocket League. One such seller has not only been spamming items 24/7 but is leaving his items up making hundreds of the same item available to buy on the marketplace. I sat and counted for example how many Biomass he currently had for sale. 350 of them on the market and this was the case with every single item listed. No wonder the guy is killing it in sales. His items are overwhelming seen above anyone else who tries to list anything. This is not right and has been reported over and over again but feel as though no one cares. Take action against these spammers who not only kill the experience but give themselves unfair advantage on selling.



And where are the lazy profit centered admins at? The only reason he’s allowed to continue I’m sure is the revenue brought in to gameflip. These idiots don’t realize that those same sales wouldn’t dissapese just brought to them by other sellers… So idiotic



No matter who it is if they’re breaking the rules they will get warned or temporary suspension or permanent suspension.

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Goo has been warned and continues to post the same items 4-7 times an hour. It has been 3 weeks and no action has been taken against him. I havepm @DunnBiscuit with the information and all that is said is that he has been warned. his partner

is also notorious for this.

Edit: i strongly dont believe any action will ever be taken. Just a warning that they keep ignoring

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People are alot to post all the item they want as many as they want to as long as they have the items to back it up. They’re breaking the rules if they’re keep removing items they posted to bump them to the top page if they keep doing it over and over.

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Yes That is not what I am argueing. I have more items and a better bot than he does.
I dont have an issue with his “abilities” in that category I have him beat in every way.

The Issue is he is reposting the same exact Post 4-7 times in 1 hour.

I have done this as well to make him stop.





This is goo



You know what not going to argue with you because you seen upset you got into trouble / using capital letters like you’re trying to yell at me.

Have a nice day.

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Have a nice day.

Next time read please.
You have replied the same thing to every one who posts.
After ignoring people it does get upsetting.

Have a good day and I hope you grow to understand.

Thank you

Edit: I am not upset I got into “trouble”
I can do the same exact thing he is doing.
Posting every 3 min 16 posts on keys. Thats over 400 posts an hour.

I am frankly shocked how this has been allowed to continue



I completely agree. Warning after warning while we suffer the consequences of the admins inaction.

This guy is contributing to the decline of buyers coming to gameflip. I’ve even taken steps to move to eBay and other online trading platforms.

If you don’t care to take any action on his account such as a limit on posting or a suspension due to all this spam. It’s night and day nonstop you can’t see any item on any feed except for his keys. Not everybody is shopping for keys! Yet he just shoves it down the buyers throat. You can’t even block him to not see his posts you can only deal with being bombarded with his nonstop spam posts.

Solution would be to introduce a filter to filter out keys or multiple other items.

You could make a change so blocking someone stops you from SEEEING their posts.

You could simply take the long overdue action of banning his account… Like you properly should

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I’ve been reporting the spamming accounts like 12 times a day and the report descriptions are slowly growing more angry as no action is being taken whatsoever



Other sellers spamming is the reason I personally left the site my self. I was a longtime featured seller for Rocket League on Xbox and other sellers spamming just ruined it for me as a seller… I can only imagine how many buyers and potential buyers have been deterred from staying on the site and finding items to purchase due to all the spamming. If gameflip support doesn’t do anything about the spamming I am positive more and more people will continue to leave the site.



i left rl steam market becouse of this spamming, now those sellers came in xbox market and man, and they will ruin that market too,i remember gameflip when even guys with one item can sell it relatively fast without giving it underpriced, now those guys are “throw out” with those relisiting offers, solution is to disable using api for rocket league markets + auto listing programs and make everyone to list offers manually (like that those sellers will not post 1000 offers pre hour), alot verified sellers are left and i see selling rate is going down,buyers not buying bmds or bmgs anymore bc they see only keys and crates on market,make gameflip great again!!!



I think spammer “gooo6666” and “bkingjion” (same user) banned in Gameflip.

Thanks! @DunnBiscuit



Hello guys, please PM me with every report you have.

We are already assessing the situation in order to see what can be done here.

We are trying to fix this asap.

Thank you.



Maybe instead of being able to post 10x keys, 15x keys, 20x keys, etc etc. The customer would be able to say how much they want exactly instead.

Kinda like when you go on amazon or ebay and you get to choose how many items you are buying. Then the Seller could have special deals listed in a box above (Buy 10 Keys for $X.XX amount) has a great example of what I mean.



Our cries have been heard! Hallelujah!

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