Seller spamming all day on 2 accounts while he isn't even active

Ok seriously gameflip? I just made a thread about this guy and reported him multiple times how do you have rules on the site but not follow them? How is he getting away with this level of api spam on not one but TWO accounts. Please do something or take out the rules completely, you guys in force this same rule on other people for much less. But this seller spams all day on two accounts and he isn’t even there. He has ONLINE in his profile and is never on just spams all day. He gets terrible ratings because of this too almost a bad rating each day. Here are the profiles. I really hope something gets done because this is next level abuse and so one sided.

@DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom

He is active for about 1 hour out of the 12 hours he posts a day but always has online on. He has gotten away with this for months while they ban other sellers for the same violations.