Spammers back on gameflip Rocket league

What happened to the API limit? Look at these 3 users spamming like no other like they have been for about a year now. They ruin Gameflip for every one else and some how get away with it for this long after every change that comes they still are able to spam and get around it? It seems the third link is just one of them with a new account too. Please mods fix the spam once and for all


@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

There’s at least another 15 sellers, who spam duplication posts all day long alongside them. They just dont spam as hard as those 3 but it’s still very annoying …

I’d say those 3 and these guys are the main daily spammers. If these guys would stop altogether, I think the RL section would be more smooth and clutter free imo

Why not give these sellers a weekly spam ban? This is really a big problem in Gameflip.

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They have made rules to try to prevent it and suspend people, the same people just find a way around the change and make new accounts. Been like this forever, a simple cap that doesn’t allow you to make more posts in a certain time would be a simple fix. Not sure why it hasn’t been added, these spammers ruin the market for new users and makes it impossible to find items on most recent. Rocket league sales would be way higher if it wasn’t just 10 people all spamming credits hiding every other item on most recent


The spam listings are quite ridiculous especially the same items being listed every 10-20 minutes so they can top each other on searches. The problem is new sellers see this type of behavior and spam their listings thinking it’s allowed. Several of us reported these sellers as we were told to do but the spamming continues. But I completely understand the mods have their hands full with other tasks.

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