Non Stop Spamming on Rocket League Xbox

These two guys have been spamming whole day and literally not letting anybody else to list their posts.They add more than 10 posts in a minute and they keep occupying the home page.Please do something about this spammers.As soon as i add a listing , it disappears immidiately thanks to these guys.I can’t actually believe there is no cooldown or something.Please warn them or set a cooldown.


Example of 3 pages only:

It is always their posts.

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All of them are different pages.

Literally every page on RL Xbox , every day. How can anyone be this barefaced to spam this much.Unbelieveble. @Sparkling_Juice

Hi! sellers are allowed to post at this rate with the help of an api this is deemed okay by gameflip as they have a long track record and the posts arent the same and cannot relist in under 24 hours since they are able to list in large amounts of 5000 it may seem as if they are spamming but it is perfectly in their rights as a gameflip seller

This guy has been spamming the same listing 4 times in 10 minutes and has been doing this whole day.Mods please stop ignoring this kind of behaviours.

There is only 7 minutes between the first and the last listing on his page…

When comparing prices with other sellers I noticed a seller always on top of the recently listed which isn’t something new but then I noticed they have 30+ listings of the same item at the same price some half an hour apart and others an hour apart. I see many sellers who create a new listing every couple hours but they delete the old ones unlike this seller.

I didn’t mind at first but reported once I realized this is a daily occurrence.

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i had same on ps4, nobody cares bout it

Hello everyone,

We commend you for taking the time to document and giving us these reports. We will verify and see what can be done at the moment.

Also, we are currently analyzing the situation and will probably create more specific rules in the future to better address the spam issue.

God Speed! :trident:

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