Insane Spamming on Rocket League Steam

@DarkKnight, @MajorTom
This seller is spamming same posts at every 30 min min. Please warn or ban him.
He has 11x Same posts in 6 hours. This is unfair.
My Proofs: 11x Same posts in 6 hours

Hello there!

Maybe he got alot of keys and wanna sell all of them?

I guess you don’t know the gameflip rules. by rules, you must wait 24 hours to re-post an item

You have to wait 24 hours to share an same item again.I checked now his profil. He still spamming.He is acting against the gameflip rules.This is bad and unfair behavior

this is a disgrace lol . He shares the same item hundreds of times but has not sold anything :smile: :smile: :smile:

Yeah, some people not interested in these keys :smiley:

lol still non stop spamming :smile:

Please check this seller.He is spamming same posts…
@DarkKnight , @MajorTom , @DunnBiscuit

I will try to tell gameflip to send to him a warn. thanks for posting this!

You are well aware that you changed your pc clock, just so this report happen :smiley:Why you cyber bully people and herass them? You hide your gameflip name/store and act under a diffrent name. Do you eaven sell on gameflip? I see you posted simply leet. What is your problem with that boy?
Shame on you, you are a froud, Il report you for false acusations and herassment :slight_smile: Thx for making my day.

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I don’t think is your concern this posts also. Gameflip staff can read it also.

I think you are a disgrace actualy for this community :slight_smile: Your behavior shows more than it’s needed.

Are you kidding me :smile: ? You’re breaking the rules, I think you should apologize. All evidence shows the “ORDER IDs” of the items you send. Site administrators will easily see when you open and delete these posts. :smile: :smile: :smile: You have now deleted all postings in your profile. But don’t worry, admins can control all the moves on their account. :smile:

@DarkKnight , @MajorTom

order id? at an unsold post? i can see your experience.

tagg them more, like they don’t have better things to do

Yes they will see.You are very angry and toxic. Spammers usually behave like this. Please be relax now. Why do you afraid so much? You should be more fair now

Yea i am so toxic and angry in this post, hulk would pity me. Anyway have better things to do. You should have too.

Also for reports you have on everyone profile/or sell the option to report them. Just simply report next time, instead of making this drama.

actually it does. :slight_smile: