There is a dude on roket league ps4 that is posting all the time can yu do something to that

Its ridiculous how this dude is spmaing his Listings I hope yu do something to solve that issue I reported him have a nice day:)

@loyalee_77, just message to @MajorTom and tell him about it

This guy does the same about Rocket League Steam. He just posted like 300+ listings in 30 minutes

Can you please provide sellers profile link

Are they posting the same item over and over, Or are there many different items with different quantities?

He was posting like all type of items every 1 minute have 3 or 4 post new and all without Pic that makes look gameflip broke and I don’t know how to send the link of the profile of the seller sorry man

Hey @Noxcy,
thats him

Hello @loyalee_77,

If a seller is posting different items/different quantities for each listing, that is fine.

If a seller is posting and duplicating the same listing and/or quantity, that is not allowed. Something will be done if you have reported him.

Have a nice day,

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

Wow so I can be posting 6 hours or more with out stop and thts fine becouse I’m posting different item that dude yesterday post like 1000 2000 post so fast and he didn’t stop now he isn’t posting but I’m not agree in that point he was spamming so hard and with trash prices all overpriced. Have a nice day cya

Sellers are not allowed to spam but are allowed to post 5000 listings each day. Most sellers post one listing every 40-60 seconds

If you still feel he’s spamming after this info I would suggest to open a ticket and provide as much proof as possible

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Hey @loyalee_77,

Thanks for the report.

We are constantly verifying and trying to warn users in these cases so this type of problem reduces in the future ok.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

God Speed! :trident: