Auto listing-spaming rocket league steam items


Hi guys pls check this guy

This seller non stop posting and he post like 50 items in 3 min it’s impossible,pls make him to stop that ,items of others cant stay 1 min on first page, he probably using some auto listing cheat program.
I am not primary steam seller but this ruin steam rl market here, its unfair for other sellers.

Fresh Top End - Apologies to my Gameflippers who Purchased after 12/20/18

It is not a cheat program, he is making use of our API to make listings


So you guys allowed it,wow you want to destroy ur own market ,well done :confused: ,you want to that guy hold monopoly on rl steam bc other cant be noticed, better think about this…


Do you know the frenquency that he is doing that?


go check him he posting non stop, and mostly junk trash items, why is this tolerated? is he some of you ? i can also post all items in game but i want more buyers on gameflip no more items…


what i am saying is that site will lose his transparency when guys like this one post every items every color its crazy


As @tali said he is using our API to do such thing. He is not one of us as you supposed.

I’ll investigate his account and warn him if needed, so he can post with less frequency.

Thank you.