What’s wrong with RL items?

Trying to sell rocket league items has become so broken it’s unreal. You have people who spam their key listings in order to keep them at the top of the most recent, and if you sort it by relevance, it’s usually the same peoples items who are at the top. I’ve noticed a lot of sellers have given up, and I too am close to that. I listed some keys at half price of the current lowest seller just to test the theory, and forgot to remove the posting. 2-3 days went by before I realized it and they was still on sale. I sold quite a few items in the past with relative ease, but lately the listings are flooded by 1-2 people.
Would love to see something implemented regarding this. A solution would be to allow people only 1 listing with multiple quantities so that it consolidates the listings page.

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Another simple solution would be to fix the “sort by cheapest” function to show the price per unit.

They’re not breaking the ToS as long as they don’t remove the items and relist them all just to get back on top.

I agree they should have a better way to sort items being some categories can easily become flooded in popular video games. People can always search lowest price.

I don’t see gameflip ever making it so you can only list 1 multiple quantities listed at a time.

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I agree with this, I’v been selling RL stuff half year ago and those “big” sellers with API, they are abusing market … I think it’s time to fix it, adding some limit to in-game items.

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Theyre obviously doing something, and it isn’t selling them because I looked lol. I assume they are removing them and relisting. It just creates an unfair advantage for people who don’t have the time to sit and monitor the listings

Yep. Most of them have custom titles or pictures, and that’s how I know it’s them. I spent 10-15 mins refreshing and I watched their listings jump ahead of each other.

I sold a lot of Rocket League item on here and I found that items like Dissolver/White Zomba/White Octane sell a lot faster than keys. You could try trading your keys in-game for items like those if you have a lot of keys

I would really love it if Gameflip implements a way to have quantities in listings.

I understand that this will require a lot of code re-works (assuming their store is custom-written), but this can solve a lot of issues such as spam listing that a lot of people complain about. It will also make things more cleaner on the eye, easier to navigate and search, and for sellers to easily manage their listings.

Buyers would also be able to purchase more quantities than before because it’s just a click of a button to buy more than 1. It will also introduce some impulse buying (known term in businesses) which will help Gameflip’s side of business. You can even add a paid feature for sellers to have their listings on the top position since now they can’t flood the page with their listings.

From my business point of view, I think the only reason to go with the way they’re doing right now is to lower the risks of chargebacks, because this way it won’t harm much if someone does a chargeback for 1 order that only has 1 item, instead of it being 1 order that has a lot of quantities. The current way will also help them a little with gaining the fixed amount of fee ($0.30 or whatever) per every sold item because there are a lot of people that don’t use the adding funds feature.

Keys listed at 60 cent each used to sell faster than you could refresh. But when I list one now, I’m over taken by someone reposting within 20 seconds

Quantities would solve a lot of problems. People spam the listings with keys by posting a listing for 10, a listing for 20 etc. And when it comes to sorting by cheapest, it does absolutely nothing for the keys because .75 may be the cheapest listing, but not the cheapest in terms of unit price lol. So yes, it would be more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to the cluster they currently have. You don’t need to see 20 listings from the same person when all the listings have the same unit price lol

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Hello guys, thganks for the suggestions I’ll pass along so the team can know and discuss this further.

This subject was discussed before but we were thinking about other ways to solve this. I’ll add this suggestion @BlackEdition said to the table.

Thank you.

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I was gonna report like 5 people. It is absurd!!! One same person has posted 1 item like on 20 listings and he doesnt even delete them. Its 24/7 spam. I list keys or something and they dissapear in 1 minute. Neskwik monkey shop gameonline chris and many more. They have took over the whole market

Paying to have Your list listed as vip is one of the most hated things ever. If gameflip does that i will quit gameflip

Or it can be a free feature but you’ll have to meet the requirements such as number of sales or high feedback.

How does that sound now? :wink:

I don’t understand why deleting and relisting would break the TOS but just relisting multiple times does not. That doesn’t make sense to me.

So for example if I have x1 TW Octane for sale it’s better for the site to have me just relist and have multiple listings for the same item instead of deleting and relisting only showing x1 octane for sale?

That explains why I see one profile with 10 listings for the same item.

Seems to me like that would clutter things up more then deleting and relisting.

100% agree. That’s why key/crate sellers should have their own RL section.

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If the user is selling items they don’t have (having 10x key listings and having only one to sell) adn you have any evidence about this, please report them to us since this is not a good selling practice, also any spammers, please report as well so we can investigate and warn the users.

Regarding the RL page, you may filter the listings by selectinbg the type of item you want to see:

You will see there the items you want to see (as I wanted wheels in my example).
You can also filter by relevance, most recent, higher or low price, onsale and sold, and so on.

Here you also can see a “search for keys” example:

This isn’t the solution you guys commented, but helps a lot. The other suggestions are being considered by the team and they will see what can be done.

Thank you.


@DunnBiscuit these are just a few of them… but neskwik is just… he puts same items every 20 minutes
… like for some items he is 90% of all the listings

They should consider adjusting the ToS then. You weren’t around when putting an item into draft and back On Sale would relist and it was out of control. It’s been an issue forever and is in the CS:GO section too.

Since you guys asked for actual evidence… Unless he has 50 of the gloves there’s no need for https://gameflip.com/item/-hand-wraps-cobalt-skulls-field-tested-/462dbcbe-f521-485f-9c46-73bb5b2aa831 to be reposted on the front page every day, sometimes several times, for $200 over market. (You’ll actually notice the majority of the most recent page is all his items). 24 Hour limit on reposting same items. Items I mentioned in a topic from August of 2018 are STILL being posted daily on the front page over and over. They are there right now, go look! At what point does it stop becoming our jobs to gather evidence of what any regular GF user can see in their respective sections.

You can see that many CS sellers also have dropped out of the GF market because it’s a pain to have to relist constantly (obvious by the fact there are entire days with no one posting a new bot item). Sure, some left due to the 7 day cooldown, but I know many others just use new sites. It also makes it a pain to browse as a buyer when you open it up and it’s the same users items every day you have to scroll past.

Remember when you could move items to draft and back to On Sale and it would consider them new again? If you weren’t posting every 30 minutes you’d be 10+ pages back. The fact is that it’s very easy for just a few users to make the entire Gameflip experience much worse than it should be and that shouldn’t be the case. There’s absolutely no reason some needs to post their items this frequently. You guys can realize this and adjust the ToS or just keep losing buyers and sellers to other markets that don’t allow for this sort of nonsense.

Sorry if this all comes off as negative/aggressive, I’m just passionate about the topic as I enjoy using the site/app.

Can you send me via PM this user profile so I can check it further?