What’s wrong with RL items?


As far as I know this user, he has such invetory and as of right now, I checked his Gameflip page and saw only one “on sale” listing regarding such item. It is the second topic here in less than 24 hours that you accuse the same user of something of almost none or none evidence at all.

As a warning, if you keep accusing this or any other user without any proof, I’ll have to take actions against your account.

Based on what I said, if you have any evidence, send it to me via PM, so I can check, investigate, ask for more evidence in case of need and then take any necessary actions.

As of any user that is abusing of “relisting”, please send me via PM their profiles so I can take a look and take any actions necessary.

As of right now, you may filter your searches to get the desired results, and, meanwhile, I’ll talk to the team so we can see where we can improve regarding listing/relisting items so we can avoid any future issues and improve our marketplace.

Thank you.

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