give keys new browser! Save in game items

Something needs to be done about the plague that has made in game items on rocket league a real problem. Please I beg of you Gameflip make a new section specifically for keys and crates so that people can enjoy looking through the items in rocket league once again. It is no longer enjoyable but pisses us off as is right now losing buyers snd sellers alike due to this problem. Solve this soon please!

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Are you browsing all the items instead filtering by “type”?

Do buyers prefer to look at everything unfiltered (which causes them to see mostly keys)?

Browsers like myself like to look for the newest posts that come out and find the best deals. Kinda hard to do when 99% of the posts are from 2-3 key sellers posting 20 posts every 5 minutes. This is a real issue for a lot of people not just me. Filtering keeps you from seeing alot of things. It is honestly a joke trying to look at items anymore. If they had an option to filter out only keys and see everything else that would be great but sadly u cant filter but one thing at a time

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Even worse then the last time I mentioned this as these is about 5-10 new key sellers and now instead of posting in increments of 10, they’re now doing increments of 5.

There NEEDS to be something done fast. The only way we can search items and try to get the best deal is searching by most recent and it’s impossible now.

Either create a Keys/crate section on its own or limit the amount of listings we can have. Otherwise Gameflip might as well change the name to rocket league keys.


There’s no filter ability to filter out item types, but you can filter in the item types you want:

Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch

Those URLs include all the RL item types in the tags query string except for type: Crate and type: Key. If you want to modify the URLs above, use this tool (you can separate the tags with a comma “,”).

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When I woke up and came on I decided to search most recent to see if there was any sweet deals that I might be quick enough to get.

The first 97 listings were keys and crates. :flushed:

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Thanks, I’ll have to take a look and see.

I just wish as an item seller there was a way for me to complete with the key sellers. Everything I list gets bumped within minutes of listing and there’s no way I have the time to keep re-listing 100 times a day.

do you work for gameflip?

Much appreciated Lucy

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Tali & DunnBiscuit seen the most active.
If any issues message one of them or post your problem, someone who knows will answer it. :heart:

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