Key spamming has ruined gameflip

Something needs to be done about the nonstop spamming of keys on rocket league xbox. Go on there now and you tell me thats right. They need their own room apart from in game items. It has gotten ridiculous when you literally have 1000 key posts to every 1 item. I’ll post something and within 5 minutes i am suffocated by the overwhelming key post that just are nonstop. If you’re a key seller I’m sorry but you need your own space separated from the items the majority of people are actually looking for. Save us from this epidemic that has ruined gameflip for so many.

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I actually just created an account so I can finally comment on the forum just because of this post.

I 100% agree with this post. I have an iPhone and pretty much only use the Gameflip app. I took a small break from selling before the Xbox started allowing key trades and since I’ve returned this app is almost unbearable.

I’ve always searched using the most recent setting to try and snatch up the good deals within minutes of being posted and now it’s just keys upon keys. The same seller listing 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, etc, etc. Then the next key seller says oh I better relist everything so I can be at the top of the page as well. Between the keys and the crates it’s awful to search anything on the app unless you’re searching a specific item.

I 100% agree there needs to be a specific key and crate section.

This app is not as fun as it used to be before the Xbox allowed key sales and this is 100% the reason why.


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So I just checked my most recent Xbox Rocket league tab and it resulted in the first 22 posts being keys/crates, followed by 1 bmge, followed by 7 key/ crates followed by 1 bmd, followed by 36 key/ crates.

So out of 67 listing, 65 were key/crates :man_facepalming:t2:

Just take what we say in consideration. Some people will never buy keys/crates and I can’t see them sticking around Gameflip if they can’t find items to even look at in the recent posts.

This guy is doing that 24/7
It’s annoying.

Hey guys, I’m starting to investigate thisi.

Do you feel that this is only related to Keys or do you have any other items in mind?

Oh and is it just for Xbox?



Thank you for the acknowledgment. It’s mainly keys, although crate sellers also share this epidemic. I know for a fact alot of sellers and buyers I have come to know have completely stopped using gameflip because of this. I am not promoting shutting anyone down however they need to have another area separated from actual items. Just as xbox games and xbox gift cards have different browsing links so should you create this soley for key and crate sells. I can’t speak in behalf of other consoles but go and see for yourself how pleasurable of an experience you have where you literally scroll through of keys and crates. A needle in a haystack is a great explanation to put it lightly.

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Yes, I also want to thank you for acknowledging this.

My experience is with rocket league on Xbox and it is on the Gameflip app. I only ever use the app because I always have my phone on me and can respond to my notifications instantly.

The issue is definitely with keys and crates.

Like the OP said I don’t want to ■■■■ down anybody’s selling, however if people leave the site because of this it hurts everybody.

They are doing this intentionally to make sure their ads are “in your face” at all times.

If there was a section where key/crate users could have there own store profile where they could list their prices maybe that would help. Then these guys could just say “hey, I sell players choice crates for .40 cents each, name the quantity you want and I’ll make a bundle”.

It would save us all from seeing 10x, 20x , 30x etc over and over or let them spam their bundles but in their own rocket league forum. One for crates/keys, and another forum for items.

Thanks for replying.

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Thank you for letting me know.

I’l talk to the team about this, and I’ll see what can be done here.

What you said is totally coherent, and I think it’d be great to have a separate section as well.


Ok I woke up to a great example today of this. Search APEX. A user has now tagged all main items in his description. So now even when I search apex I have to look at his crates listings :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::man_facepalming:t2: This is just to much…

I asked him to stop. He deleted the post and reposted immediately. He has multiple listings now in each section he has tagged.

I wonder what this site would look like if all users listed every item name in the description.

Anyway thanks for your time.