gameflip has serious issues

ever since keys became trade able gameflip has turned into a key trading website any other post gets berried under a mouton of key spammers its getting a bit ridiculous that these spammers aren’t getting banned for it

these are just 2 people spamming keys all you have to do is look at there other listings and all it is is key trades getting spammed, its ruining gameflip i feel like keys should be given there own separate page to post on and search for instead of placing them in with the item trades so anyone that actually wants to buy items just gets a page spammed with keys

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I agree. It makes finding anything a chore.

It’s a bit like sodding Ebay where the same item is slammed just hy changing one word or adding a letter or writing the title backwards etc, about 100 times.

Also, there is no dedicated investigation team checking the Microsoft keys sold are not msdn or just generic ones from the net. I just lost a dispute even though I was able to Google the code ffs.

Cant be as bad as someone who continues to post things at prices so cheap, that they get warned numerous times about it as i continue to purchase them and they continue to cancel them.

gameflip didnt just die it was murdered, i am seller from xbox market and those guys took over market my post cant stand on first page for 20 sec,and they just keep spamming every sec with this trash offers, i dont know how admins dont realise that those guys just making gameflip scrub market, i remember times when every seller posts offers manuly and we all had relative good time on first second page. SOLVE is: disable use od api or restrict posting items like 100 or 150 per day,but i have feeling that behind those accounts is one or two persons…please admins do something

Click to see what i mean… >>>> Nearly 1 hour posted on site. Yet cancels when purchased.

Someone should see what i mean and purchase it. I did nearly all of his other bs spam fake bargain adverts.

i can confirm this guy is ther worst :OOO ban him or warn him to stop

can u check this guy , he posting every sec 24 hours, market is not only for this guy, make him stop pls,

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