This guy non stop listing, noone can sell anything on gameflip since this guy started with this,Why you guys dont want to stop him, gameflip lose like this, sellers leaving, new buyers will not come like this,they will see only trash items of this guy…

Guys lets make gameflip great again, Am i only one who still care, a lot verfied sellers left, does gameflip has any admin alive??

I do and i will always care about Gameflip, He will be warned by gameflip when moderator see this post.

I hope so but dont belive this guy destroying xbox rl market for 2 months noone want to stop him,i remember when we reported guys like this last year moderators make them to stop with this,but now they dont want,dont know why

Maybe when mod gets on he will send him a warn then he will stop that.

Will this guy ever stop?

PLS report him thats only we can do he posting every second this is not fair this is some cheat program

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Hey armin221186!

A new listing system was created to relieve this type of issue.

We will have an article on how the new system works soon :wink:

God speed! :trident: