Please HELP users have an easier time with the search feature in rocket league

I’ve already brought up needing a key/crate section on rocket league that’s separate from items and now today I’ve realized how bad this site is really getting.

I can’t even search octane titanium by lowest OR highest price because of what people are doing now with their descriptions.

One of the mods needs to search it on their app and tell me how nice it is to have to scroll by 500 listings for non Crate Very Rares and golden eggs and all because these sellers are for some reason mentioning the white octane in their description. How would you like me to search he tw octane? Can’t go by lowest price. Can’t go by highest price.

How about you guys pre write the descriptions for items and let us users choose from a selection depending on what we’re selling.

Stop letting users name every single item in the game in their description. I’m not searching golden eggs. I’m not searching NCVR’s. I’m trying to search Octanes. Or at least I was before this. I’ll pass on spending my 80-90 dollars for now.

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Can you send me the profiles from users that have such listings?

Thank you.

I just looked through the search and it’s the same user who has every listing. He’s also somebody that has an extremely high rating so must be big member on Gameflip. I’d rather not post his user name on the forum. If you can search the octane section you’ll find him or I can send you a pm.

Maybe this isn’t an issue using a PC but it’s torture when you’re using the mobile app.

I just wonder if it would work better if you Limited either the tags you can put on an item OR the amount of items you can post in a certain section. Maybe that would incouage people to delete an old listing before posting a new one.

Try using the filter tags. I searched for the keyword “octane” using the tags Type: Body, Color: Titanium White and was able to see only titanium white octanes.


Thanks so much. That’s going to help big time.

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