Buyer item searching: Selecting 'type' erases search terms

This has been a bug since I started with GF last fall, but I don’t think I’ve reported it. It can be quite a hassle when trying to narrow searches.


  1. Go to the “In game items - Rocket League Steam” search category

  2. Type in " endo ", and search

  3. Select “lowest price” in the sorting box

  4. Notice how an entire page of decals loads up but no bodies

  5. Select “body” in the “type” box

  6. Notice how it switches the results to bodies, but erases the “endo” search term, resulting in search results that are totally random bodies.

Depending on the item, there can be a massive amount of cross-type items that show up in a generic search, making it a very tedious task to find what you want. It would be great to see this fixed.

When you search “endo”, it looks at ALL listings with the word “endo” in there, which includes decal or body, and decal has the lowest price. If you want a specific Endo body, find a listing and click the “magnifying glass” to get all the listings for that Endo body. You will then see the URL looking like this:

Yes, I’ve done that on occasion, but it would still be nice to have the filter fixed since it’s the quicker way in some cases, and my preferred way for filtering as it’s all there at the top.

Hello! Can you send me via PM screenshots of this bug so I can better understand it and investigating this further?


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