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After discovering gameflip and becoming pretty active every day, I’ve noticed a few small Quality of life improvements that could be made, specifically with RL (not sure what searches for other games’ items are like).

  1. It took me about 45 mins of searching before I found out you could use filters on desktop. It’s very unintuitive to have to type “Type: Key, Quantity: 10x” in the search bar to find 10 RL keys.
    What would make a lot more sense is if searches for “10 keys” were automatically directed to those phrases, given that it’s a very popular search. Currently if you search 10 keys and sort by relevance, you’ll get every other quantity except for 10. If you sort by lowest price you’ll just get hundreds of drones and toppers for 75 cents.

  2. As a buyer, sometimes I’ll find a seller I like that has great rates and is nice. I’d love to be able to buy more often from them, however if they’re selling for 2 or more games, or even 2 different platforms, it’s impossible to find listings from them that I could buy. I’d love a search function that searches listings from only one specific buyer when I’m on their profile. As a seller I feel this is limiting my ability to build trustworthy relationships with my customers.

  3. As a seller, I’d love to be able to know how many listings I have on sale and in drafts. Since I try to keep my on sale listings to a minimum due to reason number 2), it’s a hassle to have to manually count my listings to figure out whether I have 75 on sale or 200. If anyone has a suggestion for this I’m all ears.



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:black_small_square:︎The moderators may bring up the subject to there team.
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To add on, im not sure whether this function has already been added, and if so pls enlighten me. It would be ideal to know the highest discount when people list their skins or gift cards, as it allows me to filter out many overpriced skins/gift cards

Well, the highest discount gift cards tend to be (more often than not) scam or fraudulent though :frowning: so perhaps sort by reputation & discount!


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass it along to the team so we can see what can be done.


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