Ability to sort the listings

It will be great if we can sort items in our stores (preferably by grag and drop), to group similar listings for better navigation of buyers.


I think post should have quantities/verities for same products cause the spamming of the same product by the same people rly clog up the listings.

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That is interestig idea, but i mean to group not same listings… Like 400 sturdy mechanical and 400 sleek mechanical not be divided by 10 listings of coal, quartz etc or group all 5* mats together or other logic seller want to sort.

Yea Rocket League Keys get spammed cause of the different amounts of keys that a person could buy I think if they set a min that has to be bought and am able to group the same thing and someone can come in and buy what they want so I’m not having to change the listing or make a new one just for them I think they should have something a little more simpler. Even gift cards could do the same also a lot of spamming of the same thing.