Can we get a "group listing" option?

Hey, I know we have the API feature on Gameflip but for us who do not know how to code, its kind of useless. I have normally 5-20 items to sell at 1 time and posting them all individually can become a pain in the arse!

I would LOVE to see a “group option”, even limited to maybe 5 items at a time, where we can punch in say 5 items, and then list them all at once that way our listings are not spread out from eachother.

For example, when posting Rocket League crates individually like 5x crate, 10x crate, 15x crate etc, so many people are posting at once that those posts get seperated from eachother.

My exact idea would be like this… Hit sell item on gameflip, it brings up the platform and game like normal, then you select your 1st item you want to sell add description and price like normal, but at the bottom of the page, have a “List more Items” feature to where we can go directly into adding the next item without the previous item posting yet. So they would all post as 1 group of items instead of individually for those of us who cannot CODE to use the API feature.

I get why you havent done this yet, to slow down spam posting, but I think it would be a great feature if you maybe limited the amount of items you could use this feature for. Like 5 items per time would be pretty solid.

Anyone else who thinks this would be a good idea, please throw a heart on the post to maybe grab someones attention :slight_smile: THANKS!